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Ways that Science Says You can Save the World

Almost every time you turn on the TV or open a newspaper, magazine, or web-site, you're subjected to pseudo-scientists talking bollocks.

That bollocks may be innocuous, e.g. trying to make you to believe that cats will only eat a certain brand of cat food because they actually like it (rather than because of all the addictive crap that they've pumped into it).

But usually their objective is to con you into believing that you won't be a success unless you buy whatever inferior garbage they're selling.

Just remember that if the stuff they're selling weren't garbage, they wouldn't need to lie to you.

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But lie they do.  They are so morally crippled that they will say anything, and use any mocked-up "scientific proof" to get your money.  But let's face it, that's what marketing professionals are for, isn't it?  it's the centre of their disgusting existence in this universe, and makes them incapable of doing anything that is actually useful.

Moral people, who want to do what is right, are different, though, aren't they?

If someone tells you that it's wrong to covet thy neighbour's wife's ass, you know that they're not trying to con you out of money; they're talking about right v wrong, justice v injustice, helping people v hurting people, and that what they are saying is intended to improve society, not their bank balance.

Why, then, do these people who don't want to sell us products, who seem to want simply to do what is right, also lie to us?

And they do lie to us, all the time.  It won't take you ten minutes to find a dozen instances of this on the Internet; it's so common that it's not even worth the effort of looking for it.

One of the most common lies from these "pseudo-good" people is the claim that science backs them up when you can tell just by looking at half of them (or smelling them, in some cases) that they probably don't even know the science behind a basic lever, let alone all the really difficult and complicated stuff that they spout as if it were Gospel.

I personally attended one, and only one, meeting of Greenpeace, back in the 1980s, as a guest.  The big hate for Greenpeace then was nuclear power, and the meeting comprised arseload after arseload of pseudo-scientific crap being met with tumultuous applause.

But there was no science there; just bullshit and bullfacts.

And it wasn't just the "Nuclear power stations can explode like Nuclear Bombs!" bollocks; it was just about everything they said e.g. to meet the background radiation levels that they had "scientifically calculated to be safe for human exposure", we would have had to declare Cornwall illegal (it's bedded on granite), and switch off the Sun!

Afraid that if any real science were to enter their ears, it would make their brains explode, I ended up walking out before it was my turn to speak.

I mean, who wants to be responsible for the suffering of dumb animals?

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These were people who were determined to be right.  Nothing else mattered to them whether they were actually right or wrong was totally unimportant, in their eyes.

They were convinced that they were The Chosen who would Save the World, and no amount of contradicting facts could turn their heads about any of the fairy-dust ideas that entered them.

They would say absolutely anything to convince people that they were right, and would listen to absolutely nothing that disagreed with their childish assumptions.

As unbelievable as it sounds, they were even worse than marketing professionals.

Mission Statement

What I'm going to do here is follow in the footsteps of these great truth-defilers not by lying, but by using the same tactics: blowing a few facts that are convenient to me out of proportion, whilst sidelining any other facts that might contradict the conclusions I want to reach.

Obviously, I'm not saying that you should actually do anything based on any of the scientifically reached conclusions presented here; I'm saying that you should send a very clear message to those who believe that they have the right to bullshit you.

That message is:

You're bullshitting us!  We don't like people bullshitting us!  If you're right, you don't have to bullshit us!  So keep your half-facts, bullfacts, and crap that you've made up, and show some respect to the people you're talking to!


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