Spice Girl DVD Quickies!
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 Last request?  Can we have twenty years to learn to sing ?   vs. A Firing Squad

"...Aim ...FIRE!"

The End

 After we did them the honour of filming 'Stop' in Ireland, too !   vs. the IRA

"Ah, bejezus.  Press the fooken button!"

The End

 Look !  Up in the sky !  It's a...   vs. A Falling Piano

***SPLATT!!!***  jingle jingle...

The End

 Why do you want us to stand on these crosses, Mr. Barnes-Wallace ?   vs. the Bouncing Bomb


The End

 Even the Gods love our music !   vs. the Muses

Dear Zeus,

   We should appreciate a favour, if you have any spare lightning bolts...

The End

 Are you sure this is the path out of the jungle ?   vs. Quicksand

*Glub...  glub...  glub...*

The End

 WOW !  Look at the length of his LANCE !!!   vs. St. George

Dragon:  Hmmmm...  I fancy something spicy for lunch...
St. George:  By all means carry on, old chap.  I'll come back later!

The End

 Oooooh, so Butch !   vs. MANPOWER!

*Cloud and Sticks wipe the blood from their hands, whilst Ollie uses a vaccuum to suck the blood from his.....*

The End


"...that is confirmed, Houston.  We were so 'entranced' by their singing on the way up here that we forgot to tell them to suit up before exiting the lander..."

The End

 Aren't we rich enough to be run over by a Rolls Royce, yet ?   vs. the 37 Bus

Driver (to passengers):  Did anyone else feel five bumps, back there?

The End

 What's all this about a new line in fast food ?   vs. Cannibals!

Um'bango:  Pass the salt, old boy.
Ahuhu:  Certainly, old chap.  Would there be any breast of Geri left?
Um'bango:  Tons, old man.  Absolute tons!

The End

 EVERYONE loves our music !   vs. Beethoven

Beethoven: (heaving a piano out of an upper-storey window):  Take this, you evil harpies!

The End

 We need another heavenly body to replace Geri's !   vs. the WORLD!

"...This just in... The Spice Girls were walking along Carnaby Street earlier today, when Venus fell on them.  Pictures at eleven."

The End

Running With Sticks 1999 Use the idea freely, but always with thirteen to the page !

Sorry -- couldn't resist it
Katie vs. 43,000 Dogs

.....in the road...
...The next dog in line squatted and crapped on the stain in the road...
...The next dog in line squatted and crapped on the stain in the road...
...The next dog in line squatted.......

(Never) The End

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