If you say so, Cappy.

I kept promising that, one day, I'd apply my personal perspective to the world of the comic book, and here am I, actually fulfilling a promise (but don't expect me to make a habit of it).

It's pretty common knowledge that I grew up reading comics and watching cartoons, like most boys do; and I have no qualms in admitting that I'm still happy to take some time out, now and then, to smell the cheap ink of my childhood days, as it were.

But now that I'm all growed up, how do I feel about them?

What do I think of comic books as an "art form"?

What do I think of individual titles?

What do I think of the people who produce them?

It's all in there.

The biggest thing that ever happened to comics was Marvel.  It set the pace and the standards, and turned comics into big business; so that's where I've started.

Be prepared for honest opinions.

You'll need the brilliant CDisplay sequential image reader to read them.

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If anyone ever asks you for money for copies of Wal's History, let me know.
If you ever seriously consider paying money for copies of Wal's History, let a psychaiatrist know.

Zeroth issue sold out!

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And here is a silly script I cobbled together after a discussion on a bulletin board.
(Which also shows one of the ways that the comic template can be used).

A little taster:

e pluribus something or other; I forget what.

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