This always goes down well in performance.
Plenty of voices and accents.

All for One

"I don't like this and that is why."
Sally said to Jo
"It's really quite atrocious
and I think it ought to go."

Jo's husband was a worker
in a button factory
"It's a disgrace, that's what it is,
that's if you're asking me."

The lads at work were mortified
"We're not having that!
let's call up the convenor,
and ask him for a chat."

The union representative,
a very strong-willed man,
said "Leave it up to me, lads
and I'll do the best I can."

He called the factory manager
"I think you ought to know..."
The manager agreed with him
but wouldn't tell him so

The verger saw the manager
on Sunday, after one.
"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
Oh dear, oh dear... my son."

The vicar told the verger
"It's no good causing stinks.
Let me make a phone call,
we'll see what the bishop thinks."

The bishop said "Don't bother
with the local churchman's boards.
We'll get it done much quicker
if we take it to the Lords."

The local union offices
sent out a formal note:
"We don't like this. If you don't, too
then this is how to vote."

The man who counts the ballots said
"The way the voting's gone,
is there's no-one on the pro side
but there's plenty on the con."

The councilman said "Really,
this is not a case for me,
but if you want to make a change
then contact your M.P."

The M.P. said "I'll get nowhere
by acting like a mouse
I'll put it in a paper,
and I'll read it to the house!"

The house of lords was up in arms
(something they do well)
"We'll take it to the commons,
and we'll raise some merry hell!"

The house of commons heard the bill
and, no word of a lie
when asked for those in favour
Every One yelled "Aye!"

The bishop told the vicar
"Well, there you are, my son."
The M.P. told the union rep
"I said I'd get it done!"

And at the union meeting
"No-one could do more
than me, your local union man
to change a stupid law!"

The vicar felt contented,
the verger was quite smug.
The business news on Tuesday
gave the manager a plug

The lads at work were jubilant
Jo's husband all a'glory
at having brought a rapid end
to this unhappy story

Jo said "Sally thanks you
and thinks you're very kind
but she said you ought to know
she thinks she's changed her mind"


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