It's terrible!
I think I've been burgled!  

Someone has moved everything around while I was asleep.  
I can't find


Worse yet, I think there's been an invasion!


Over on the window board! On the left...

  ...the right?  
...Oh, who Cares???

It's Over There!!!

Just look at the window!  

Can you see it?

  It's a strange creature!  
I don't like strange creatures!!!    
    They're too Scary!!!

I wish I could make them all go away!

All I know for certain is that the Monkey-thing
called Melanie (or is it 'Ethlinn'? Starts with 'S')
was here, last night.

She was ever so nice


not very big-and-cheesy


and we soon became firm friends

Such fun we had!


She said the place was a bit messy,
and needed cleaning.

  I had to agree.

I mean, look at my stones!

    They're filthy!

But can I get anyone to pass me a something to clean up with??

  Not a chance!  
Melanie said she was going to get a new pet    

I thought that was a great idea.
A new friend, for me to play with.


All I know is that I nodded off to sleep...

    ...And when I woke up...
...Everything had moved...    

...And there was a MONSTER on the windowboard!



It's awful!

I'm a bundle of nerves, now.

I shall never be able to sleep.


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