Four Funerals and a Wedding

The Spice Girls Die Violent Deaths Wedding Special

by Cloud Volpe

Author's Introduction

Well, here it is: yet another momentous chapter in the world of Spice Girls Die Violent Deaths. On July 4, 1999, Victoria Adams married David Beckham in what was, in my opinion, the biggest farce in the history of marriages. I'm not disputing that the couple weren't in love; hell, for all I know, they're soulmates. What I am angry about is that the wedding was turned from a blessed, private event into a smorgasbord banquet for the tabloids and media to feed upon. Posh Spice and David Beckham have no shame, as they sold the rights to their wedding photos to the highest bidder, all the while publicly buying lavish gifts and making spectacles of themselves in the name of publicity.

Well, I think it's sick. So I wrote a SGDVD Wedding Special to commemorate the "blessed" event.

Since this was such a huge endeavor, I decided to make it a little more fun for the visitors by opening up a contest. This contest, which had seven winners, granted each winner the prize of appearing in a role in the Wedding Special. The winners list appears at the bottom, after the story itself. I'd suggest reading that part last, since it contains a few spoilers.

Since this story was about three times as long as the average SGDVD story, I have broken it up into six parts, so that it may be read in pieces at your leisure. Note that this is the first time I have written a SGDVD story in prose, so it's going to be a lot longer, and hopefully a lot more satisfying to read.

And, without further ado, I present to you the internet event of 1999:

Chapter I: Relocation

Chapter II: Revenge

Chapter III: Resilience

Chapter IV: Reckoning

Chapter V: Requiem

Chapter VI: Restitution

List of Contest Winners


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