Contest Winners

Well, I'll have to admit thqt the contest was a difficult one to judge. I received well over fifty entries from names both old and new, and it was truly difficult to sift through the ones that stood out from the rest, primarily because a lot of them were really, really good. However, in the end, it came down to these six lucky winners:


Oliver Mulvey - Oliver was the only real shoe-in I had. The man's written tons of stories for me, and I knew even before I sat down and started writing this special that it had a part in it waiting for him. Thanks, Oliver.

Jules Thoma (Gilligalliguckelchen) - Jules was the only one who requested to be involved in Beckham's entourage in some way, and I had a place in the story where he'd fit in perfectly. For some reason, he asked for his name in the story to be John Redwood. <shrug> Hope he likes the part.

Andy Carlson - I loved Andy's entry in its simplicity: "I can fit anywhere and I don't care what happens to me. You can have me... come out of the bathroom followed by George Michael." Well, I squeezed in a sick George Michael joke at Andy's expense, but it was still all Andy's idea. Good job, Andy. :)

Ruth A. Clodfelter - Not only was Ruth's entry the first one I received, but it was one of the best. Ruth's been a dedicated fan and buddy for a little while now, plus... well... how can I deny her the twenty bucks her sister now owes her for getting hit on by Sporty in the story?

Fiona or RaVeCaNdY - Fiona's entry was simply a perfect blend of decent ideas and sucking-up. She had a decent background for her character worked out, and I thought her entry stood out among the rest. Congrats!

Jeremy (no last name or nickname given) - Jeremy's entry gave me a great idea. He wanted to be a part of some sort of riot control team that came to stop the carnage, but instead joined in when they realized it was the Spice Girls we were after. So, I took it a step further and made it NATO! And since he had spawned the idea, Jeremy got a spot in the story.

Magmos - Owner of the Basing Britney website and creator of the Spice Girls vs. Backstreet Boys story, I figured Magmos would blend in well with our teenybopper-band-trashing selves. Besides, since she'll be a famous actress someday, I'd rather be on her good side. :)


And there you have it: the winners of the contest. Like I said, there were a lot of good entries, but these just stood out from the rest in my own mind. I'm sorry if you didn't win, and I'm sure some of you are a bit downtrodden, perhaps even pissed-off about it. Remember though, no flames! You never know... maybe there will be another contest when it comes time for the next SGDVD special event...

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