The APIHNA World Dictionary

The APIHNA World Dictionary is a repository of wisdom obtained from the Newsgroup:

The concept of providing incontestably accurate definitions for misused words was instigated by the illustrious Graybags who probably wishes he had never started it, by now.

The main contributors to this essential reference are:
(alphabetically by Christian name[1], just for the novelty of it)
Alfred Armstrong
Andrew Wright (AKA Alberto the Prodigal Stud)
Barry in Indy (he's not from Barcelona)
Ben Wolfson
Charles A Lieberman
Christian Guest (so mind the progfanity!)
Cindy R.
Danny (of Danny's Den)
Dav Vandenbroucke
Dave Laird
Eric Baber
Evan Kirshenbaum
Graybags (AKA Not Graham Phipps)
Jens Ayton
John Flynn
John Larkin
John Ward
Laury Walkey
Maggie Newman
Mike Fleming
Ray Heindl
Dr. Robin Bignall
Steve Elliot
Steven O'Neill
and, of course, Yours Truly; but I don't contribute much.
(That's my epitaph taken care of)

If I've missed anyone (and I probably have), let me know.


If you have a definitive definition which you believe belongs in this illustrious tome, you may either (if you are Newsgroup literate) post it to the Newsgroup:, or (if you are e-mail literate) e-mail it to, or (if you are completely illiterate) scrawl it on a nearby wall with a spray can.

The APIHNA FAQ, which does not answer the question of life, the universe, nor much of anything else, for that matter, is Here
Reading it before contributing to APIHNA, the World Dictionary, or Friends of the Quay is recommended.


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[1] Except, of course, those names which are Jewish, Norse, Moslim, Zoroastrian, Baha'i, Jedi, or from any other religion; all of which, in the interests of world peace and harmony and due, in large part, to the laziness of the page-builder are included in alphabetical order, regardless.

This page and all original content is copyright © 2001-2002 by Mark Wallace and Apihna.
All Rights Reserved.

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