The APIHNA World Dictionary


The APIHNA FAQ ATTAPOT (woafq):It's the APIHNA FAQ ATTAPOT (woafq), innit?
The APIHNA Anthem:The music to hum whilst searching for that underdefined word.
The APIHNAMOBILE!Other dictionaries can be found in mobile libraries APIHNA has its own transport!
The APIHNA Book of the Month Club!For all your readingary needs!
The APIHNA Whose Who's Who:Who are the APIHNAns, and who is everyone else?  This invaluable resource answers questions.
The Apihna Encyclopaedia of Geography:Don't leave home without it!
Common Phrases:A listing of many English phrases which are often misused.
Recommended Reading:Other linguistic resources on the World Wide Web which maintain the high standards of APIHNA

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