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Do you ever get sick of sitting around, all day, watching TV?
Does the workaday world ever grind you down?
Are you ever at a loss for something to read?
Do you need to escape into worlds of wonder and fantasy?

You need to join:

Book of the Month Club

The APIHNA Book of the Month Club
can take away all your troubles and your cares!

The APIHNA Book of the Month Club
satifies all your entertainmental needs!

This month, from The APIHNA Book of the Month Club:
The Long ConfessionRev. Ivor Liszt
How to Get to the FrontJocelyn le Queue
Acceleration Made SimpleStefan DeGaz
Deceleration Made SimpleStefan DeBrejk
Only Two Minutes before the Bus LeavesWilly Maykitt
(illustrated by Betty Wont)
Fifty Yards to the OuthouseWilly Maykitt
(illustrated by Betty Wont)
The Cliff TragedyEileen Dover
The Haunted HouseHugo Fürst
Army MunitionsMajor Jump
Making FurnitureChester Drawes
The WallflowerHonor Todd
Get Rich QuickRobin Banks
How To Draw a Pint of StoutMurphy Slaw
How To Mix SpiritsScott Chandrei
Rusty BedspringsI. P. Knightley





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