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Appendix R

Recommended Reading

Fun with English
APIHNA's own John M. Ward presents this peek at the strangeness of the language to which we have all succumbed.

The 'Cars Suck' littera-scripta page
Not strictly educational on the subject of grammar, but it's an APIHNA-ite page, and certainly educational.

The Decombust Dictionary
This worthy tome provides useful definitions for words which are not defined in any other text.

World Wide Words
The origin of some obscure word or phrase getting you down?  This site may help to cure your ills.

Ladle Red Rotten Hut
Everything you need to know about pronunciation.

The Netiquette Quiz
Make sure you know what you're doing, before subscribing to APIHNA.

The Linguistic Fun Page
Many, many pages of English language idiocy for the connoisseur.

The Thinking Man's Minefield
Few web sites achieve perfection, but this one comes close.  The "My software (shareware and freeware) page" alone is worth more than three-quarters of the net.



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