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Arkansas:what Noah used to make his boat.
Aspen (adj):abreast of things.
Austria:back-end of large, non-flying bird.
Beijing:gradually changing colour to light brown.
Broadway:a mystery.
Chihuahua:very subtle sound effect on electric guitar.
China (n):country that tried being Greek-letter-shaped but decided it wasn't suited to it.
Colorado:what the decorator does when painting a room for a party.
Connecticut:after I slice the end of my finger off.
Dallas:what a Jamaican calls his daughter.
Idaho:1. How street-wise ducks greet each other.  2. How ruffians answer the question, "what did you do last night?".  3. Common answer to the question, "How did you get your gardening done so quickly?"  4. Comment by Happy, when Snow White tries to sort out the seven dwarfs' harmonies.  5. response to the question "Should I have been singing 'Hi' on the downbeat, Grumpy? What did you have there?"  6. Spud for hire.  7. one of the USA states.  8. I don't think I even need to write the meaning of this one.
Illinois (n):a state of distress brought about by too much loud music.
Kansas:1. what the sheriff does after he makes an arrest  2. when you dismiss your donkey from service.
Kentucky:a plane carrying gloop explodes over Southeast England.
Latvia (n):1. A country through which all roads to Rome passed.  2. An intermediate language step between the speech of Ug the Neanderthal and modern English.
Massachewsits:the home of bubble gum.
Massachooseits:right-thinking teachers eschew it's as a possessive.
Missouri:an unhappy state.
Montana:what Anne's boyfriend does every now and again.
Morassic Park:where the few remaining large bottomed lived.
Newark:what Noah will get round to building one day Real Soon Now.
Oklahoma:French tree house (First).
Polynesia (n):Loss of memory about parrots.
Rightondia:a[n] Utopian country where everything is right-on.
Santa Fe:The method by which Santa knows who's been naughty and who's been nice.
Texas:nerd's rear end.
Topeka:What happens when a Southern exotic dancer removes her blouse.
Via Appia:Transylvanian expression of increased contentment.
Washington:what happens after the machine has been broken for a month.
Wyoming:what your girlfriend asks when you unexpectedly announce a trip to see your parents.
Yugoslavia (n):1. a country you'll drool over!  2. the rampant desire for low-priced vehicular transport.
Zaire (n):a country shaped like a Spaniard's hearing organ.
Zambia:famous American Uncle's favo(u)rite tipple.


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