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Whose Who's Who?
Bignall (v):to make grand gesticulations signifying nothing.
Denislaw:a law of nature by which one's downfall is brought about by a once-favoured son.
Don Quixote:a pretentious ass.
Einstein (person):The German chap who got a reputation for buying only the first beer.
Evelyn Wood:malicious tree sprites.
Fleming:posting insults on
Frank Zappa (n):a microwave oven.
Hegel:young lady made while the sun shines.
Heindl:an upper class doorknob.
Hobbit:item of collectors' paraphernalia.
Humphrey Bogart:graffito found in a deodorised toilet stall.
Laird:ugly upper class Celt.
Leonberger:fat-free junk food.
NancyB:a robotic grandmother.
Newton:what one gets after the old ton is used up.
Phil Lip:Duke of Edinburgh.
Reuben (v):what rich young dandies do when they go out in the country for a lark.
Rex Reed:Command to an intelligent dog.
Royal Family:an oxymoron.
Sauvage:a particularly vicious kind of pork product.
Shaker's Pear (thingy):a simple piece of wooden folk art.
Sheikh's peer (thingy):another sheikh.
Wallace (n):skilled bricklayer.


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